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Friday, July 16, 2010

Asian VPN Location Added to VyprVPN

Here at Giganews, we're excited to let you know about Golden Frog's latest addition of an Asian VPN server for VyprVPN. The new location is included with VyprVPN, a personal virtual private network that helps secure all of your online browsing. This VPN service is free for all Giganews Diamond members.

You can switch freely among any of our four worldwide VPN clusters:
  • USA VPN (West Coast):
  • USA VPN (East Coast):
  • Europe VPN:
  • Asia VPN:
Setup VyprVPN now, or upgrade to Diamond for free VyprVPN access.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Newsgroups, Grupos de noticias, Nieuwsgroepen, Groupes de discussion

We were reviewing some of the comments on our last blog post Newsgroups vs. Usenet and we were reminded of a question we've been asking ourselves for the last 3 months or so….

"What do people who speak languages other than English use to reference Usenet related terms?"

Listed below is a breakdown of several popular Usenet related terms and the terms provided by our translation company. Are these accurate? Do you just use the English version? Feel free to comment with your thoughts….

French – groupe de discussion
German – newsgroup
Dutch – nieuwsgroep
Spanish – grupo de noticias

French – groupes de discussion
German – newsgroups
Dutch – nieuwsgroepen
Spanish – grupos de noticias

News Server
French – serveur de nouvelles
German – nachrichten server
Dutch – nieuwsserver
Spanish – servidor de noticias

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