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Hier bij Giganews, zijn we zeer begaan met Usenet. We denken dat we zeer goed werk leveren, maar je hoeft ons niet op ons woord te geloven. Lees wat onze leden erover te zeggen.

Getuigenissen werden aangeleverd door klanten over de hele wereld. U kan getuigenissen zien die niet in uw geselecteerde taal geschreven zijn.

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Premium Service

I have used Giganews for a few years now. This is without a doubt the best provider on earth! Thanks alot for letting me be a member! And thanks alot for being the best!

Kenneth - Spydeberg, Norway

Giganews has the best speed, the best retention, and the best service of ANY Usenet provider. I would never give switching a thought and recommend this service frequently!

Geoff - Allendale, New Jersey

I have been a member of giganews for around 5 years now. Hands down the best service out of the 5-6 of major players I have tried.

Kevin - Coon Rapids, Minnesota

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Hoogste snelheden

Giganews is very fast and reliable, utilizing maximum bandwidth even on a 100MB line, downloading multi-gigabytes in minutes. Retention is The best available and very rarely is anything missing or corrupted. I have never experienced a single second of downtime. If this is not enough, you get FREE privacy, integrity and anonymity with the bundled Vyper VPN as a Platinum subscriber. GigaNews is above and beyond the rest.

Björn - Landskrona, Sweden

After trying out other Usenet providers I've come to find that Giganews is hands down the best, I've converted usenet users once they see my download speeds.

Andrew - Suffield, Connecticut

I love Giganews because it allows me to use my fiber connection at (constant) full speed.

Tommy - Utrecht, Netherlands

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Meest waardevol

I came to Giganews after using many of the low end usenet providers which simply couldn't provide the service advertised. Giganews have never let me down with missing headers and have first class support to boot! With everything you get what you pay for and Giganews is worth every penny!

Andrew - Farnborough, United Kingdom

The Giganews service and support have been outstanding. I made the mistake of going to a low end competitor for a very short while, but switched back after finding their service to be incomplete. Giganews has also added services like VPN and Mimo at no additional cost. I'll stay with Giganews.

David - Brampton, Canada

It is not just about being good, it is about being better. There are plenty of low end Newservers out there, but year after year Giganews gets better, and offers more. I have wasted a lot of time trying to find better value for money.

Barry - Fig Tree Pocket, Australia

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In the unlikely event of needing it, the support is blazingly fast and always the correct answer in the first reply. No autoresponders saying “visit website” is also a major advantage in comparison with certain other companies.

Adrian - Hamiville, Luxembourg

I have been using Giganews for years, everything has been fine. I had to talk a few times to the support people, mainly for password recovery purpose, and I have really been astonished: problem answered and solved after a few minutes only, like if someone was waiting for my email.

Francois - Perignat-les-Sarlieve, France

I love giganews its has best support that i ever seen if you any problems with giganews just email to their support and they will answer almost instantly. I have been giganews customer for almost 3 years and will still continue be.

Pekka - Espoo, Finland

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Mimo Usenet Browser + Zoeker

I love the retention but the best feature now is the Mimo Usenet Browser - awesome!!

Fraser - Blaine, Washington

The mimo browser is one of the reason I like giganews over the others. Easy to use. Easy to search and fast at downloading.

Serge - Albuquerque, New Mexico

I love the Mimo app and how it does everything for me. A to Z usenet integration, no fuss... And when it comes to speed, it's so crazy that it takes more time putting the downloaded files on a removable drive that to actually download them off the service!

Lazarus - Levallois-Perret, France

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I love my giganews Diamond account and VyprVPN makes it even better, very useful in my travels. (especially to countries with serious censorship)

Patrick - Norman, Oklahoma

I chose Giganews over the other usenet providers because Giganews has repeatedly recognized the users demand for security and privacy. In an internet age where big business believe they have rights to track where I've been, it's comforting to know there are companies that believe privacy is MY right.

Trix - Modesto, California

As a Level II Systems Administrator with a Degree in Information Security, privacy is an ultimate concern of mine on the web. When Comcast asked me why my bandwidth usage was so high I simply told them “None of your business.” Thanks to my diamond account on giganews that includes SSL connections as well as VyprVPN, it truly was just that.

Sean - Marana, Arizona

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Giganews Evangelisten

Having been a member for almost 3 years and having sampled the other usenet providers in the past, i can, with confidence say that not only is Giganews the most premium provider, but more importantly, they have support that far surpasses any other company i know, even in unrelated fields.

Rahul - Mumbai, India

I have been a member for many years... I tried other newsreaders and NONE compare to the qualtiy, price, and speed of GIGANEWS! So you say I am biased? simply try them out for free.... You will never go back!

Julio - Vancouver, Canada

I've been a member for almost 11 years. The only thing I've done longer in that time period is being married (20 years) and my current job (14 years). I only stick with the good ones.

Mike - Elk Grove, California

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Giganews is faster than a hobo on a ham samich. Giganews is more stable than a Republican's love for big business. Giganews is a better value than buying Paris Hilton two martinis. Giganews has more options than a lonely Kardashian on a Friday night. You're doing God's work people. Keep it up.

Jeff - Chicago, Illinois

Giganews makes you feel NOT like a loser. Ever owned a Ferrari? Yeah, I haven't either....but don't feel bad, because you can have GIGANEWS. It may not give you that sex-appeal that a red sports car can, but it can give you that jaw-dropping experience of going 180MPH on the straightaway. Giganews is THAT fast, THAT unique with all of the services offered. Thanks Giganews, for making me feel like NOT a loser.

Shaun - Logan, Utah

Every time I log into Giganews, I get that wonderful metallic taste in my mouth...like when you stick a 9v battery to your tongue. My eyeballs jitter and my skin tingles. Giganews is blazingly fast, always at the ready, crazy-awesome value-packed, and has data retention into the 4th dimension! omgwtfbbq!!

Michael - Pensacola, Florida

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